Democratic OpportunityPower to the people

Democratic Opportunity: Power to the People

I believe we need to give power back to the grassroots.

The Liberals are proposing electoral reforms to change the way you vote for your MP.

The problem isn’t how we elect MPs.

The problem is that MPs are too controlled by party leaders and the Prime Minister. And grassroots party members are often overridden by party leaders.

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Changing how we elect MPs isn’t going to fix this problem. Reforming parties, the House of Commons and the Senate will fix it. That’s what I’m proposing.

The Plan

A Conservative Party led by Michael Chong will:

  • Ensure grassroots party members decide who the party candidate is. Party leaders should not have a veto over party candidates.

  • Make party membership free. We live in the age of Gmail, Twitter and Facebook. These companies understand that free membership pays long term dividends. It’s also the way to attract a younger generation and build a deeper grassroots movement.

  • Reform the House of Commons and reduce the power of the PMO so that your voice is heard.

The Results

These reforms will:

  • Ensure your voice is heard in the party and in Ottawa

I'm committed to taking action, just like I did with the Reform Act. My record demonstrates that I'm willing to fight for real democratic reform, not just talk about it.

If you believe in grassroots democracy, support our campaign and donate.

For more in-depth analysis of my plan, read the backgrounder!