EndorsementsWhat People are Saying

To be a leader you have to listen to people and be flexible in your decision-making Michael will be that kind of leader.

- Harry NearPC National Campaign Director for the 1984 and 1988 federal elections. 

Michael is pragmatic, moderate and modern politician. He has a life story that millions of Canadians past and future can identify with. I think he would make a great prime minister.

- William Stairs, Former issues management director to the prime minister and chief of staff to three cabinet ministers 

Above all else, Mike is inclusive. His broad appeal would bring Canadians from all walks of life together, our only path to victory in 2019.

- Terence Young, Former Member of Parliament for Oakville

We need to restore decency to politics. Michael reflects all the best of conservatism: intelligence, compassion, moderation, and above all – decency.

- Yaroslav Baran, Director of Communications to Stephen Harper during his successful 2003 leadership bid 

At the grownups’ table, however, a proper battle for the sanity and the soul of the Conservative Party of Canada has taken shape. Michael Chong reminds party supporters that a fiscally conservative party that claims to want to fight climate change should support market-based tools to get the job done — the simpler the tool (i.e., a carbon tax), the better. As leader, Chong could credibly hold a Liberal government to account for its less-than-pure commitment to carbon pricing and its inevitable failure to meet emissions targets. 
- Chris Selley, National Post, December 1, 2016

Michael Chong is presenting a program on which we can win in 2019. And, he is doing it with a tone that respects the civility with which we do our politics in Canada and which seeks to unite us as Conservatives, not divide us.

I agree with Michael that the Conservative Party needs to grow. We need to recreate the coalition with which we saw such great success until 2015. That means attracting new Canadians, urban and rural Canadians, Canadians of all races and creeds from all regions of the country, to join with us based on shared conservative principles.

This is what Michael is doing. This is what needs to be done to win in 2019.

That is why I’m supporting Michael Chong.

I hope you will too.

- David Tilson, Member of Parliament, Dufferin-Caledon

My interest in Michael Chong dates back a few years. His presence and performance in the House of Commons triggered my initial interest. On meeting him in person, I was further impressed by his warmth, keen intelligence and enthusiasm; his commitment to fiscal responsibility added to my respect for him as a leadership candidate. Michael is a proud Conservative who welcomes the diversity and opinions of Canadians, thus widening our tent. This is leadership I can be proud of.

- Erminie Cohen, Retired Senator, New Brunswick

Chong's a very smart guy. This field of CPC leadership candidates is deeper than recognized.

- Rick Anderson, Canadian Political Strategist and former Reform Party Executive

The case for a carbon tax, Chong-style, might be even more compelling now than it was before.

- Andrew Coyne, National Post, November 15, 2016

This is quite remarkable; CPC leadership candidate Michael Chong pitches tax overhaul based on carbon tax [...] If you’re a Conservatives who a) takes economics seriously and b) genuinely favours small govt, Michael Chong’s platform is worth a look.

- Stephen Gordon, Professor of Economics, Université Laval